In-stock electrical enclosures
Find the metal enclosures cabinets, lock boxes or cans that interest you.

In-Stock Enclosures, Cabinets, Boxes, or Cans

Mier’s popular lines of metal and non-metallic enclosures are especially designed to accommodate a wide variety of uses in the security, electrical, and construction industries. These durable boxes offer easy solutions to most installation problems! Various models of boxes are available; including those shown below. Click on the link to see what Mier has to offer in each category, or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the enclosure that’s perfect for your application! If it’s not a standard product, we will help you design the perfect custom enclosure.

Indoor, NEMA junction boxes. Indoor, NEMA electrical enclosures. Electrical enclosures with removal back panels.
Indoor/outdoor non-metallic electrical enclosures. Indoor fan-ventilated DVR, NVR, CPU lockboxes. Outdoor fan-ventilated enclosures.
Outdoor electrical and heat enclosures. Outdoor air-conditioned enclosures. Indoor and outdoor rack enclosures and rack-mount products.
Outdoor siren and speaker boxes. Outdoor bell boxes. Indoor home-automation cabinets.
Indoor, transformer covers. Specialty enclosures and docboxes. Locks to fit enclosures, including cam locks.

Built for the long haul

Because they are designed with your needs in mind, Mier boxes are built for rugged use and tough environments. Yet, they are distinctively modern in styling – and designed for faster, labor-saving installation. Some standard features include: